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    Hi guys, many moons ago you helped me position an image above a header. Which can be seen here (it’s the image above the menu on the right (LEEA etc))

    I need to change this image, so I edited the quick css –

    nav.main_menu {
    background-image: url(×85.jpg);
    background-size: auto 60px;
    background-repeat: no-repeat;
    background-position: 50% 0;

    However, it appears that this code is not doing anything and if you use the google inspector you see a div called my-custom-image.

    I cannot find where that was defined to replace the image being used.



    Hey CoolPenguinSays!

    Your not using a child theme and I didn’t see anything in your functions.php file. You’ll need to go through your old topics (click on account overview) and find where we helped you add that into your header.

    Also, your using a very old version of Enfold. It would be best to update WordPress and Enfold to the latest versions.



    Hi guys, I’ve updated Enfold and WordPress and now I have lost the image above the header image totally.

    The last thread about this issue is here –

    (which links to part 1)

    Both Yigit and Ismael worked on this.

    I just need to know when they logged in where they addrd that code. but now we’ve done the update is it lost?



    Sorry Elliot I gave you the wrong link –



    Could you start by checking the url for your image, it takes me to a 404 page:



    Mate it was right in the css as shown in this thread?

    /* nav.main_menu {
    background-image: url(×85.jpg);
    background-size: auto 60px;
    background-repeat: no-repeat;
    background-position: 50% 0;
    .main_menu ul:first-child > li a {
    line-height: 85px;



    Now the image URL is correct, is your CSS still not working?



    For the love of god……………

    Do any of you chaps read the thread?

    The css, was always right and no it is not working. Nothing has changed since I raised this dudes. It was just an error in this thread, nothing more.



    Yes we do read the threads, thanks for asking. Errors in code is the difference between it working and not working, so it’s kind of important, like in this case, to get the image URL right, which yours was not from the start. Now that we got that sorted we can move on to the next step. But ff you have gotten help on this issue already, would it not be easier to follow the help you got in those threads? If you should still have problems after that we will be happy to help you out.

    Best regards,


    Mate, there was no error in the code! The error was in this thread only, not sure how else to explain it, look at the very first comment?



    Sorry for the confusion :) Have you figured it out already? I cannot see my-custom-image div on your page. I have gone through couple of files which could contain the code to display the image to no avail. If you have not figured this out already, please post a screenshot showing the div

    Best regards,


    Hi Yigit, I can’t figure it out. You guys set it up and I can’t find where?

    All I wanted to was change the image.



    Please make sure that you have posted the link to your correct website. Current one looks more like a test installation.
    Also, i cannot see any image on/above header –



    Jesus, lads read the thread!

    I said I completed the update as instructed and now the image is lost totally.

    Please, help me out guys, I posted this as a request for help and every response relates to info already posted!



    Please refer to this post and add a widget area to header –
    You can place your image inside it in Appearace > Widgets. Should be easier to control. You may need to adjust custom CSS code, if you do, please feel free to let us know!



    Yigit, I’m not sure how this will work, if you recall the header was customised to fix the breadcrumb bar. You, yourself helped me and added an image above the menu. All I wanted to do was change that image. I don’t wat a wigit above the header. I just want the image back (that was there until I was told to upgrade) above the menu.


    by the way it might be very difficult to obtain your request with a shrinking header on scrolling down.

    but nevertheless i have to make a big compliment to the crew which tries to help, allthough your questioning does not go with good manners.



    it feels like this thread is going nowhere, we are here to help you with your problems but it seems like none of us is getting what the problem is. Could you please start a new thread and we’ll take it from there?

    Best regards,


    I agree, I stated the problem in what I felt was a clear manner but wit so many people looking at the thread (and in some cases not reading it) it has created a mess.

    Quite simply,

    1) Some time ago I asked if I could pout an image above the menu.

    2) Yigit did this for me by logging into the account. Great but I didn’t see what he did.

    3) So I went to swap the image by changing the Quick CSS code.

    4) Nothing happened so I posted the code in this thread (see top of thread)

    5) I was told to upgrade both WP and the theme. Which I did and my image disappeared completely.

    And that is where we are and have been for about a week.

    Not sure about the new thread as everything is here. I just wanted to replace the image line in the quick css, that was all so it used another image. But nothing happened, so I think Yigit did something elsewhere, but I don’t know where!


    it is in most cases a good advice to use a child theme.
    Because sometimes changings only can made by putting something into the source code.
    (i guess this was made by Yigit)
    A child theme gives you the opportunity to do it by hooks f.e. by editing the child-theme functions.php .
    If there is no child-theme the changings in source code will be overwritten by updating the theme. (The custom css in the options dialog is not touched by upgrading because the files are in the wordpress folder /wp-content/uploads/dynamic_avia (outside of the themes folder)

    PS : very often many people (me to because i allways do ftp manual updates) like to have as folder owner the ftp user. By default the filepermissions of these files in dynamic_avia are 640 so sometimes the custom css rules wont work. I put filepermissions to 660.
    Or you can leave the ownership to wp user and 640

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    I have added the code once again. Please go to Apperance > Editor and search “add_action(‘ava_after_main_menu’,’custom_things’);” to find the code and edit link and image as needed.

    Best regards,


    Thanks Yigit, I’m glad you got back on the case. It all appears to be working now.



    You are welcome, glad we could help!
    I realized that i forgot to mention which file i edited in my previous post, it is Functions.php file.
    I am marking this thread as resolved, if you have any other questions or issues, please feel free to start a new one :)

    Best regards,

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