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    We just noticed today that our site does not display properly on IE9 and below, however it does display normally on IE10. What code can we put in to fix this problem?


    This problem is actually quite large. We had been working in IE10 so the problem just came to our attention. A number of different features are failing in IE9 and below, mostly additional image and page functionality that is provided by the Advanced Layout Editor. We have also noticed that if you go into dashboard and edit a page using IE9 or below, the content of the page will erase itself, almost completely.

    What can be done to resolve this?



    On IE9 everything should look fine when i looked early last week. Can you post a screen shot showing where you see problems please? IE8 , you simply can’t expect to look like ie10, where Microsoft was forced for a change to allow it to understand CSS the way other browsers do…. the huge market share loss to Chrome forced them to abandon their strategy since IE6 of fragmenting the market by releasing interdependente proprietary css – bad css – on purpose in ie7 and 8. It should still look relatively well on IE8, naturally degrading, but effects such as fading and movement are beyond its abilities , for example IE8 doesn’t understand , draw or interpret circles or ovals, (though it draws squares and rectangles perfectly, go figure!)

    But expecting it to perform on the level of IE10 or even anywhere near the level is as realistic as expecting the winner of the special olympics to have a shot at qualifying for regular games. Basically the cool animations and transitions naturally degrade in ie9, and degrade a bit more in ie8 but still remain equivalent of static images. IE7 , the few users who remain attached to that browser are mostly in hard to reach areas of the world – Amazon Basin, Outer Mongolia and they are well used to seeing the web as a patchwork of javascript errors with random fonts and drab colors. Seeing a functional website might confuse them into extinction.

    Please put up a screen shot or two for IE8 and 9 so we can see how best to get this resolved.




    The main issue is that the theme doesn’t simply lose a few bells and whistles when downgrading to IE8, but becomes completely broken and unusable. The menu overlays the header logo making the website impossible to navigate, the buttons become transparent and basically invisible, 90% of the Entypo icons break and become non-descript rectangles, image hover states cause images to go completely invisible, images don’t fit into their placeholder borders, most images are skewed and stretched beyond recognition, and the list goes on.

    It’s really quite disappointing given how smoothly the theme works in other browsers. And it wouldn’t be so annoying if the theme didn’t claim to be IE8 compatible.

    Most of my company uses IE8, so I’ve been forced to push back our new site launch for quite some time so I can hack the theme enough to get it at least be functional.



    Please try to install this plugin: http://wordpress.org/plugins/html5shiv/

    Can you give us a screenshot or a link to your website?




    Hey Ismael,

    Unfortunately that plug-in did not seem to fix any of the issues. My website can be seen here: http://goo.gl/jGUCw

    You will notice most of the Entypo icons are broken rectangles. I was able to fix the menu/header overlap by manually changing the padding of each menu item, but it isn’t very convenient as I will have to copy/paste the code every time I update the theme. The images for the ‘Recent Posts’ plug-in do not fit in the boxes correctly, the blog header images on the ‘Trainers Toolbox page’ are all stretched, the bottom footer breaks due to length, the hovers on the ‘Meet the Team’ page cause the images to disappear, etc.


    Thanks for all the responses, it seems that this is an important issue.

    We have removed all the code that was displaying incorrectly in IE9 and 8, though these versions of IE still cannot fully render the website the way that FFox, Chrome and IE10 can. I’ll try the plugin and let you know what happens.


    About the display only:

    Seems to me you guys using Win7 or Win8 ?

    Go to Control Panel, view by Small Icon: Click Display > Adjust clear type text > Turn on clear type, follow the instructions.

    Exit the browser including all tabs and reopen the browser and the site :) I hope this helps? if not then sorry :)




    Hey Qrsh,

    Very good tip! I often forget about it so its a good reminder.

    The html5 shiv is a good bit of assistance to bring IE8 up to speed on using html5 elements so give it at try and make sure to give the page a few refreshes and time for all local cache to reset.



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