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    hi my images when placed on a page are aligning to the right side of the screen on IE 9.0.8. these are just the image content placeholders and not aligned in any kind of 1 or 2 (or more) column containers

    here’s a screen shot


    Hi Tech Dude,

    Are you adding the images inside a layout element? If not they must be for any kind of layouts in the advanced content editor. Even a 1 column wide element should be used when placing content into the layout editor.




    that would do the trick. thanks devin!


    actually the lower graphic worked fine when put in a 1 column wide element, but the graphic at the top is inside of a color section and is still aligned off center (only IE9). any tips? (the top graphic is color section with a background image, and inside is a hr whitespace and below it is the text graphic you see “the best in…”)



    Can you post a link to the website please? I need to check the css & html code first hand.




    sure, sorry for the delay. i still couldn’t find the solution. here’s the page


    Inside the color section are you still using column elements (1/1 for full width)?


    no, the image element is inside the color content element. I just added a 1/1 element inside the color element, then added the image element inside the 1/1 and it aligned perfectly. thanks!



    Yes, it seems to work now. I couldn’t reproduce the bug with IE8, IE9 or IE10. The 1/1 element obviously solved the issue.



Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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