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    I have encountered a number of IE8 display issues.

    One of the key reasons for choosing Enfold was for the IE8 compatibility as we still have a high %age of customers using IE8.

    If you view our website on IE8, the majority of it works well.

    However, there are a few things that dont display correctly and a few things that dont display correctly until you hover over them.

    This video clip shows the website on IE8. You can see that the magnifying glass and up arrow (bottom right to take you to the top of the page) dont display correctly until they are hovered over.

    The icons on the home page dont display correctly but they do on the following pages.

    Some of the major issues are the image galleries.

    This is how it looks in Firefox latest version …. (correct).

    This is how it looks on IE8 … (images are not zoomed in)

    The icon lists do not display correctly either.

    On IE8, the vertical dashed line continues beyond the last icon.


    In addition on IE8 the logo in the header loads initially extremely large then it resizes.



    I’m unable to reproduce the header and magnifying glass on my end, have you checked on another computer?

    Regarding the image zoom, that’s expected, we use a CSS3 property that’s not supported by IE8, there are some things that can’t be ported to IE8.



    Is there no way to display a simpler gallery for IE8 users?

    Do you know why the logo loads in large and resizes on load?

    I have tried on another IE8 machine and the same happens with the magnifying glass and the up arrow.

    Also you will note that the icons are missing …


    Also, here is the logo loading large, then shrinking once the page has loaded.



    I confirm hat I loaded to windows 10, IE 8 and I could not see the logo issue, so I can target and fix it…
    2 different computers, on Windows 10 and one with windows Running on Parallel




    The testing I did was on Windows XP with IE 8.

    It definitely has the issues with the above configuration which is more than likely the configuration that people still using IE8 will have (i.e. Windows XP).



    Sorry for the delay. Try this in the Quick CSS field to fix the logo resize issue:

    .avia-msie .logo a img, .avia-msie .logo {
        max-width: 246px;
        width: 246px;

    IE 8 doesn’t support border radius that’s why you see a boxed icon instead of circle. And you don’t see the actual icons because IE8 partially supports pseudo-elements. You can try to fix this by swapping the font icons with an actual icon image.

    Here’s our stand regarding IE8 and Windows XP:

    Still, Enfold is compatible with the browser with few minor flaws which are to be expected given the fact that IE8 is almost 6 year old piece of software. Also, Envato no longer requires Internet Explorer 8 support from their themes which is why other premium themes such X doesn’t claim IE8 compatibility.



    That works for the logo – perfect.

    Its a shame the magnifying glass issue cant be resolved so it displays like a magnifying glass on load.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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