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    Everithing works fine with chrome / FF and mobile devices but IE8 seems that isnt supported.

    what do i need to do so it will work in ie 8 aswell ?



    Hi nimrodmadar,

    IE8 doesn’t support media queries so responsive design doesn’t typically work on IE at all. It will always just output the normal site.






    It seems that in IE8 the page width is smaller so content “jumps” to the next line, making it look real bad.

    do you have an idea how to solve this ?


    Can you provide a link to your site and page so we can take a look?


    Devin hi,

    you can see in this page, in the top content part, that the “eye” icon background is cut before the end, next to it there is the “brain” icon that is full width.


    it is happening here as well:

    check the bottom testimonials circles.



    I’m not getting any visual issues in IE8 for the-science page at all.

    On the homepage page, the issue is that the layout you have there is actually too wide for the columns. Each one of the testimonials is actually larger in width than the one third column so on IE8 it clips the edge to make the layout’s background fit (because the custom.css has the testomonial set to 330px while the columns is only 300 or so).





    thanks very much, i will take care of it.

    (i assume that in 50-50 the max width is 450px)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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