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    I don’t know where to turn to find the answer to this but I’ve searched high and low. I am using a plugin (Timely all in on calendar) for my google calendar feed. Works great. Problem is all the old (happened way in the past) events show up on the search results. These “event” entries show up first and there are many of them… so the important results (my posts and pages) are at the bottom. I want future events to display, just not things in the past

    I tried Relevanssi but it doesn’t offer the functionality of eliminating only the dates in the past.

    Do you know of another plugin, or is there a way I can be more specific with search results with the Enfold search?

    BTW, I love enfold!!! my site is


    Hey pgamet!

    I’m not familiar with the plugin code and I’m not sure if this is possible – however the standard wordpress search query offers some hooks (i.e. ) which help you to modify the search results. I recommend to contact the plugin author – maybe he can give you some hints which help you to improve the search results.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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