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    After installing Enfold, I do not see social icons, search icons and several other icons in Firefox and IE. Everything looks fine in Chrome, both on a PC and on a mobile (android) device. The website is at http://www.wsdm-conference.org/2014/



    I just checked your website with IE10/9 and Firefox 22.0 and all icons display just fine for me. I’ll tag this thread for the other support staff members – maybe they can reproduce the issue.

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    Thanks for looking into this! Could you please check again? I made some changes last night to remove the icons that were not showing correctly, since the website is live and used by 100’s of people daily. I added the social icons back now, and I still can’t see them either in FF 22 or in IE 10 (Windows7). If you can see the Twitter and Facebook displaying correctly now, please let me know, that might be an issue on my side somehow.





    Yes I see it. Chrome works, Firefox shows the character codes for the font and IE just shows nothing. http://i.imgur.com/aSn7e6o.jpg

    Please upgrade there is a new version out.





    Thanks for the analysis, this is exactly what I was seeing! Are there any upgrade instructions available (I am new to working with WordPress, so I am not sure if there some standard process for theme upgrade)?

    Thanks again for your help!




    There is a good video produced by Devin outlining the best way to update via FTP for which you will need to get the login and password from your host.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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