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    I just did a quick test using the short code insert through the magic wand icon, popup and am not having any issues. See if deactivating all currently active plugins helps first and if that doesn’t then please try re-downloading the theme files and then installing the theme via ftp.

    See this video for a quick how-to: http://vimeo.com/channels/aviathemes/67209750

    Also try using this shortcode and link us to the page if possible:
    [av_font_icon color="#1e73be" font="entypo-fontello" icon="ue925" size="40px" position="left" link="" linktarget="no"]Playing with some new icons!

    Best regards,


    I’ve been trying to get all my social icons to show up after the latest update. All I get are big letters that say “Aria, etc.” I’ve messed around and found that the icons only become messed up like this when there is a link associated with them. Anyone else experiencing this?


    Hi! i’ve the same issue with the shortcode.
    The missing icon problem is probably related to the link manually option.
    if I set manually the link for the icon, like this it doesn’t work:

    [av_font_icon color="" icon="ue82d" size="40px" position="center" link="manually,http://www.chricchio.com/wp-content/uploads/CV_ChristianRonchi_it.pdf" linktarget="yes"]

    If i remove the link it works fine:
    [av_font_icon color="" icon="ue82d" size="40px" position="center" link="" linktarget="yes"]


    Ah gotcha. Looking into a fix now.

    Kriesi just uploaded a fix to ThemeForest. Look for the release as soon as its approved.

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    Yes I can confirm the last issue with the av_font_icon shortcode and was able to fix it. Update is on its way ;)
    I also changed the font files url string so it triggers a proper cache refresh. That way the manual refresh should no longer be necessary

    Best regards,



    Looks like this topic gained a lot of traction quickly.

    And if I’m reading it right, I should be on the lookout for an update? Will that show up in my WP dashboard, or do I need to login to ThemeForest and re-download the theme files?

    Thanks for all your help!


    Hey Nick!

    The update is already available and if you have entered your username and api key in your backend at enfold->updates it will show up automatically within the next 12 hours.

    If you want to manually trigger the theme check process simply go to your dashboard->updates page


    PS: The topic had two main problems. icons not appearing (easily fixed by deleting your browser cache) and the problem with the av_font_icon shortcode. (fixed with version 2.3.1) so I am closing it for now. If you experience any problems that are not fixed by one of these solutions please create your own thread with link to your installation ;)

Viewing 7 posts - 31 through 37 (of 37 total)

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