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    I’m using iconfonts to link to social media, but the links don’t work on Safari on the Mac (they do work on Safari in iOS).
    For example:
    Under Social Media, the links on the icons don’t work – only on Safari on the Mac. Unfortunately, my client uses Safari on the Mac.

    I’d appreciate any help.



    I don’t think this issue is exclusive to the Mac. I found out my links didn’t work from someone using IE on a PC. I’m pretty sure this wasn’t an issue prior to the latest update.



    Safari loses the anchor link where there is a page redirect. Do you have any?



    Hi, Ismael. Nope, no page redirects. And some of the anchors (and even some of the iconfonts) links work, so it’s a peculiar issue.

    On this test page, you can see that the anchor link for the “back to top” works, as well as the social media links in the header, BUT the iconfont links in the main content area do not:

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    I’m really not sure why the link don’t work on Safari. Let’s wait for Dude’s and Kriesi’s response.



    I’m told this issue is not just on Safari but also Internet Explorer




    Personally I can’t reproduce the issue on a Win8 PC with IE10/9 or Chrome/Firefox:
    We’ll wait for Kriesu’s feedback because he can test the website on a Mac. Ask your client to clear all browser caches – maybe he didn’t clear them and his browser uses cached files/data to display the website.



    Thanks for trying, Peter. I’m not surprised you couldn’t reproduce the issue on your PC, as the problem I’m having is only on Safari on the Mac (every other browser, computer, ios seems to work fine). It’s not a cache issue, as I’ve replicated it across different Macs including my own.

    Kriesu – when I’ve tried to isolate the problem it seems to be tied to the classes “av_font_icon avia-icon-pos-left”. Our site is heavy with social media links (one of the reasons I loved your theme with its fonticon shortcode), and the client’s office is full of Macs running Safari, so I’d appreciate any help.



    Try adding this CSS code:

    #top .av_font_icon a{
    display: inline-block;

    Tested in Safari 5.1.1 / OS X Lion.




    That fixed it – thank you. And also, you rock! :)



    You are welcome Christy, let us know if you have any more questions or issues :)



    yay!! that worked for me as well. thanks !



    Great to hear that its fixed, will include the fix in the next update

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