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    I get this error when I try to upload a zip file of custom icons I got from (great source for designers and developers btw) onto fontello (before anyone jumps the gun, yes I made sure I was uploading the SVG format into fontello , otherwise I wouldn’t be able to select them and get them in a zip file from fontello itself)

    the error I get is

    Couldn’t add the font.
    The script returned the following error:
    Fatal error: Call to a member function attributes() on a non-object in /home1/liontech/public_html/wp-content/themes/enfold/config-templatebuilder/avia-template-builder/php/font-manager.class.php on line 182

    Now when I checked line 182 , this is what I have
    $font_attr = $xml->defs->font->attributes();

    it’s the same as the original php file that came on the clean install, I am also using a child theme to make all of my customizations as well.

    Anyone shine some light on this subject for me? I am not particular acknowledged with PHP quite just yet , because I spend hours trying to find the right icon for the site only to have this error, kinda bummed out.

    Any help would be appreciated, thank you!

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    Bumping on this in case it was missed, thanks.



    Thank you for using the theme!

    Do you have the latest version of the theme, Enfold 2.7? The upload manager has gone through a lot of fixing since version 2.6 and it’ll be appreciated if you can share the login details to your wordpress dashboard and ftp.

    Additionally, for future reference we kindly ask you to refrain from bumping the thread. Since we answer questions from oldest to newest, bumping makes it appear new and it will probably take us longer to respond on your inquiry.



    Noted, I just signed up here so I wasn’t aware of the declaration of rules as I was in the flow of working heh.

    Yes I do, I just installed it literally 2 days ago, so it’s impossible that it’s on 2.6 issue (which I have read into the past topics about this being an issue with other users) I am currently on 2.7.

    Is there another way to get support without me sharing my information? nothing personal but I am a lot more comfortable keeping login information confidential. I can pastebin the entire fontmanager.php so you can take a look at it if that works?

    The font manager was previously working but when I wanted to add some more icons (like an additional 4 out of the 11 I already installed), it just keeps giving me the error.

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    Thank you for the update. :)

    I’ll marked this thread to Kriesi and I will open up an issue ticket for his attention. Please wait for his response. I’m sorry but we can’t debug the error on the php file codes alone. We will need the ftp and wordpress credentials because the issue might have something to do with the server configuration.

    Best regards,


    Sure thing, I mean it’s no big deal, I got the site to work with the default icons, but I like having a larger variety to work with and it seems the default icon are hard coded (I could be wrong) so having a separate icon fonts offers a lot more flexibility as I really enjoyed designing on this theme and most likely will use it in the future. I’ll keep an eye out for Kriesi and see what can be done from there.

    Thank you for responding.


    Since I cant reproduce the issue on my server I will need your wordpress login credentials and your ftp credentials to try and fix the problem directly on your server. Once the issue is solved I will delete your personal information and apply the patch to the next update so you dont need to worry about re-applying the fix with every new patch :)

    If you dont want to share your infos all we can do is to wait for someone else with the issue who is willing. However since you are the first person to report the problem I cant tell if and when this will happen…


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