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    Good day!

    IconBox Icon does not appear in Opera 12.15, while they are correctly displayed in the Grome and FF! Page for example , where there appears IconBox Icon “search” and the page does not appear where the IconBox Icon “Phone”.

    Help please.


    I can’t reproduce the issue on my PC:

    Maybe a browser extension causes the problem or you have experience a similar bug like described here:


    I tested the pages in Windows 7. Everything is working correctly. All icons are displayed IE, Opera, Chrome, FF (all works fine). But when testing pages in Windows XP, IconBox Icon does not appear ( not all but many iconbox icon) in Opera 12.15 and IE 8, while they are correctly displayed in the Chrome and FF!

    IE 8 displays the site on Windows XP awful.

    The problem is on the same pages.

    Can you help me? Thank you.


    Personally I can’t test the website on WinXP but I’ll tag this thread for the other support staff members – hopefully one of them can reproduce it. Maybe WinXP doesn’t support the entire “Private Use Area” (unicode characters) and thus not all icons are supported/displayed. Another reason could be a bug (fontello font file):



    Unfortunately I don’t have XP and haven’t used IE8 in long while. Will try to set up something and take a look. Can you post some screen grabs on or elsewhere showing how a page looks?




    Hello, I have also display icon problem in Opera, jpg example: Some icons are broken (not all) tested on Win XP and Win7. Regards



    Opera usage currently is less than 1%, down from 1.5% six months ago, and falling. Those are not icon images, they are fonts (glyphs). I am sorry to hear that Opera on Windows XP can’t process fonts.




    Hello, not only Opera and XP – look at Enfold Theme in IE8 – glyphs problem and navigation icons as well Tested on windows 7. Maybe You try to find any solution. I understand the statistic argument, but in Poland we have today 5,8% Opera and 5,7% IE8 users. Regards


    confirmed: in IE8 the icons of the icon-boxes are not displayed correctly – e.g. the colored circles behind the icons do not appear (when using the centered icon-boxes).

    I think Opera is not a big problem but there’s still a lot of people using IE8….. so there’s room for improving the theme :-)



    I did some research into this and this shouldn’t be happening. If you go to , can you see all the glyphs in ie8 ?

    IE8 has problems with EOT files as IE9 and up falls back to TTF.

    I reconverted all the font files from the ttf and they are different. They work for me but I don’t have IE8 to test them with. <– here they are. Just open up /enfold/config-templatebuilder/avia-template-builder/assets/ and you will see the fonts folder. rename it to fonts-original, and upload the fonts folder in its place that is inside the zip. Please let us know if this does anything for ie8 or even Opera.




    using IE10 in IE8-mode you can’t see any icons when you go to…. there’s just blank squares


    Hi, fonts in site are broken in IE8 but looks great in Opera, Your converted fonts not work ;(. Regards



    Ok I think I see the problem. It’s a fixable issue related to the way the font names are read in IE8 . I will make Kriesi aware of this (though I am sure he already is), but this may just be fixable according to this for IE8 (and even 7) and Opera.

    Please hang on.




    Hi, Thanks for answer.


    Since we are going to rewrite the icon system anyways I hope this will be fixed then :)

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