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    I´ve inserted one of the ioncs  into a text field, but it is not displayed on the page.

    Chrome an IE just leave the space blank, Firefox show some kind of place holder.

    As I mentioned in another support request, I also cannot see any changes made when using the page preview mode.

    Only on updating the page I can see the changes.

    Strange behavoir on Google Maps: I ve changed the zomm level, but i has no affact – even when I ´ve updated the page. I stll shows the zoom level I´ve choosen at the first place.

    Seems to me like a browser problem, but all of my browser (Firefox, Chrome, IE) acct like the same.

    Please help, it drives me crazy ;-)


    Hi fragezeichen,

    What is the code you used to add the icon to the text field?

    Since it sounds like things may be generally having issues, try disabling all active plugins and dropins (except woocommerce and bbpress if you have them active).

    Also try re-downloading the them files from themeforest and re-uploading them in case there is a corrupted or incomplete file somewhere within the theme files.




    Hello Devin, I have inserted 📞 into the small infotext field within the enfold theme options, but it is not shown on the page. Firefox displays some kind of a “placeholder”, IE and Chrome ingnores it completly.

    I have no plugin and dropin activated (even no bbpress or woocommerce) because i am working on a test implementation.




    Insert the code on this tag

    <div class="avia-font-entypo-fontello">&#128222;</div>



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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