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    Hi. I have wanted to tell you about it for a long time, but I have always omitted: loading the site https://trikego.com/ the icon that indicates the loading of the page, next to the bar with the address (indicated in the image).


    It remains loading for a few tens of seconds, despite the page loading quickly: the page loading icon continues to rotate for tens of seconds, even after loading. What could it depend on? Thanks so much for your support. Kind regards. Bruno

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    Hey Bruno,

    I can’t see that happening on my end, it loads almost instantly. Maybe you had a temporary bad connection on your end? You can also try a different or private browser window, to see if that changes anything?

    Best regards,


    Hi Rikard. It happens with my Chrome: the page loads immediately, but the icon indicating the loading time continues to spin for tens of seconds, for years … confirm to you with Chrome the icon for loading stop spinning immediately (in correspondence with the loading) ? Thanks Rikard


    Thank you for the screenshot, it looks like you are using IOS, so I tested on a Mac with Chrome and the page loaded quickly with no extra “loading spin”, perhaps it is one of your Chrome extensions, try disabling them and clearing your browser cache and then check in incognito mode.

    Best regards,

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