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    I have a problem to place icon boxes on a colour section as in Enfold Demo -> Pages / Help. See also attached screenshot.

    Please have have a look:
    A background image for the colour section is already uploaded. Nevertheless it is not working.

    You will find the access data in the private section.

    Thanks in advance for your kind support

    Example of colour section with icon boxes from Enfold Demo


    Hey wuo,

    Login details are not working, please check and verify. I had a look at your page though and it seems like you have placed the 1/3 elements before the section as opposed to inside of it. Could you try dragging them inside of the Color Section please?

    Best regards,


    Hello Rikard,
    the login works properly. I tried directly from the private section into another browser.

    I admit that there was another colour section left from trial and error. I deleted this one, so there is only one color section with the 1/3 elements inside but it still looks strange.

    Thanks in advance for your help

    Best regards


    Looks like you have removed the elements, do you still need help with this?

    Best regards,


    Hello Mike,
    I still need help. the color section with the icon boxes is still in the backend (see attached screenshot) but not working on frontend. I just deleted a color section with the picture outside.

    Many thanksBackend with colour section and icon boxes


    Please check your custom css, it looks like you hare these custom rules creating this:

    #av_section_1 .container {background-color: #666;}
    #av_section_1 {height: 80px !important;}

    Best regards,


    Thanks! This works!



    I’m glad Mike was able to help you. If you need additional help, please let us know here in the forums.

    Best regards,
    Jordan Shannon

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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