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    I’ve added an icon box to my page, but it’s not showing the theme colors.

    Here are my settings

    Here is the page

    Thanks in advance.


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    Just want to bump this so it doesn’t get lost.



    Bumping it, means pussing it back to the end and not to the top of the list! :-)
    Is it possible for us to have backend access, to give it a look?
    That will help us a lot



    It does mea pushing it to the top of the list. See here

    Anyway, is there a way for you to suggest something without backend access? I can screenshot anything you need me to.


    Just ‘bumping’ this again.



    Is it the icon next to Tip? Backend access would be easier but you can try the following CSS:

    .entry-content-header .iconbox_icon {
    color:#6d9e57 !important;

    And yes, bumping your thread will bring it to the top of the list you see but it will also send it to the back of our support queue so please try not to reply to your own thread unless you think it’s absolutely necessary.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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