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    We have a site at that was launched recently.

    Please HELP: my developer set up this website for my client and we’ve struggled with a few things.

    Cannot figure out how to get the ICONS to go back to the green color – a few days ago they were green which was a good contrast with the Blue … but now it reverted to BLUE…which I did not do (or at least on purpose). I can’t figure out why this happened or where to go to fix it. My developer is really FRUSTRATED with the Enfold theme and doesn’t have time to address this problem today or anytime soon….

    PLEASE can someone tell me where to go within the theme settings to make it go back to a contrasting color. The TITLES (in the section below the Feature boxes)— “Who We Are” section middle of the Home Page – randomly disappeared. They were YELLOW now appear in green?

    I have a very unhappy client …. PLEASE HELP!


    Hey wsiemarketer!

    Please add following code to Quick CSS in Enfold theme options.
    .main_color.iconbox_top .iconbox_icon { background-color: #498510!important; }
    .alternate_color h2, .alternate_color h4 { color: yellow!important; }
    .alternate_color h3 { color: #498510!important; }

    Best regards,


    THANK YOU for your quick response. Your directions were perfect and worked!

    BUT, it looks like I forgot to ask about the “Read More” links inside the feature boxes. How do I get those links to change from white and return to the blue color?

    Really appreciate your fantastic HELP!! : )



    Please add following code to Quick CSS as well
    .alternate_color a { color: blue; }
    It will change alternate color of anchors


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