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    Hello, I have buyed Enfold in year 2016. I’m very happy to use your thme but now i have a big problem…
    I don’t know in wich way make a new post in order to ask for help in your tecnical support area…so I writing here.
    I ‘ve not find the answers in “support Forums”
    I do not know if this is due to my contract with You or other …
    My problem: i have now buyed yoast seo premium .. but it is impossible for yoast to scan my pages and articles…I olready have spoken to yoast support, and siteground support ( my hosting service)..
    We hae olready deactivated all plugins and set twentee sexteen us theme…. so the problem seem due to enfold.
    siteground tell me that there is a cpu usage very high.
    Yoast teem have me sent a file:


    Hey sacha,

    Do you mean that the red/orange/green lights in Yoast are not working? If so then that is as expected as Yoast cannot read the content of pages and posts created with the Enfold Layout Builder since it’s all in shortcode. Please note that your actual SEO results won’t be affected by that.

    Best regards,


    Hello Rikard,
    Many thanks for you reply.
    realy not, I sent you the lik where the problem is…
    it is about cpu usage , and is is not due to Enfold Layout Builder, because it read a part e part of items.. but I have made the interly site using Enfold Layout Builder.

    I hope in a prompt reply



    We have informed our devs regarding the issue. Please kindly wait to hear from us.



    ok , many thanks for yours reply..


    Hello, there are news on this subject.
      I talked to the yoast staff and they told me that by following these instructions you can fix all or part of the integration problem with yoast: code hidden if logged out) /
    while the problem of cpu overloaded has been solved.

    Kindly, I remain awaiting your response …
    Thank you



    As the Yoast guys provided a solution, what can we do further?

    Best regards,


    they have also told me that they are steps that must be done by the builder of the theme.
    are paxages that should make the site readable by yoast by seo,
    the problem of cpu resources was solved because it was a pluginn of which I have done without, but many errors remain 500 that seem due to enfold …
    and Yoast still does not read the links in the pages, following the guide I sent you should be possible to make it readable
    Please let me know if it’s possible, otherwise I’ll have to choose between changing the theme or changing yoast. even if I do not want to …

    Many thanks for your support.



    Give us some time, Yoast seems that they have done some changes because of Gutenburge, we do need to review it a bit.

    Best regards,


    Thanks for your reply, will you notify me here if there is news?
    Best regards,



    Sure we will do :)

    Best regards,

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