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    self-explanatory title.


    Hey Guenter,
    Sorry for the late reply, the avf_inside_alternate_main_menu_nav filter is for adding to a hidden area in the “Alternate Menu for Mobile”
    It appears at the top of the menu on the right side inside of a nav tag and can be used for language switchers, menu items, carts or such.
    It is set to display:none by default.
    Hope this helps.

    Best regards,


    just give an example on f.e. insert a text with anchorlink on that place. or f.e. a shortcode.


    Sorry, my attempts failed, I’ve asked the rest of the team for advice, thanks for your patience.

    Best regards,



    The filter can be used to change the parameters of the wp_nav_menu. Sample use case is to display a different alternate menu for different pages when necessary . Please check the example below.

    add_filter('avf_inside_alternate_main_menu_nav', function($nav_alternate, $avia_alternate_location, $avia_alternate_menu_class) {
    	$menu = is_front_page() ? 13 : 16;
    	$args = array(
    					'menu'				=> $menu,
    					'menu_id' 			=> $avia_alternate_menu_class,
    					'menu_class'		=> 'menu av-main-nav alternate-menu',
    					'container_class'	=> $avia_alternate_menu_class.' av-main-nav-wrap alternate-container',
    					'fallback_cb' 		=> 'avia_fallback_menu',
    					'echo' 				=> false, 
    					'walker' 			=> new avia_responsive_mega_menu(),
    	$nav_alternate = wp_nav_menu( $args );
    	return $nav_alternate;
    }, 10, 3);

    This will display a different set of menu items in the burger menu in the front page.



    Thanks Ismael – I’ll see if it stimulates my imagination to do something with it. ;)

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