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    I am trying to use a shortcode which outputs the URL of an image, as the input to the team member Avia shortcode. It seems to exit the team member shortcode when it comes across the inner shortcode’s close bracket ], and then the remainder of the shortcode is output as text.

    Please advise how I can stack the shortcodes.


    Hey cullingfordconsulting,

    I’m not sure if that would be possible but send us admin login details in private and we’ll have a look at it. You can post details in the private content section of your reply. Also please specify where you are trying this and with what code.

    Best regards,


    See the information attached. The post shows the URL shortcode working.



    You can enable debugging mode to see shortcodes you have created in pages using Advanced Layout Builder –

    Or, You can switch to Default Editor and click on Magic Wand to see full list of shortcodes
    then you can create any of them and copy/paste shortcode into any other content element or into text widget.

    If that is not what you meant, please elaborate, i am not sure if i understood the issue clearly.

    Best regards,


    I don’t think that answers my question. I want to be able to input content to a shortcode via another shortcode, example below.

    [av_team_member name='John Doe' job='' src='[bp_profile_gravatar_url]' attachment='' attachment_size='' description='' font_color='' custom_title='' custom_content='' custom_class='']

    Where the output results in this

    shortcode output



    No, that would not work. Please go to enfold/config-templatebuilder/avia-shortcodes/team.php file and find
    $output.= "<img class='avia_image avia_image_team' src='".$src."' alt='".esc_attr($name)."' $markup />";
    and change it to
    $output.= "<img class='avia_image avia_image_team' src='".do_shortcode('[bp_profile_gravatar_url]')."' alt='".esc_attr($name)."' $markup />";

    If you are using a child theme, please see –



    Rather than override the shortcode src input functionality are you able to offer any suggestions to replace the [ and ] with do_shortcode('[ and ]') so as to enable the do_shortcode functionality whenever $src contains shortcode brackets.

    I inserted

    $src = str_replace("[", "do_shortcode('[", $src);
    $src = str_replace("]", "]')", $src);

    $output.= "<img class='avia_image avia_image_team' src='".$src."' alt='".esc_attr($name)."' $markup />";

    However the result was the same as before.



    I’m sorry but this modification will require customization that is outside the scope of support. Please hire a freelance developer or contact codeable.

    Best regards,

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