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    I looked for the answer, but didn’t see it. Perhaps it is too easy of a problem- ha.

    I am ready to design an Enfold themed site for a client. Being a traditional designer, I am most comfortable in designing in Illustrator but can use Photoshop too if I have to.

    I would like to make some global changes. I know how to use CSS snippets to do a few things. What I want to do is… hand over psd files to a programmer to do the programming BUT I don’t get how to use the psd files provided.

    I would like to take advantage of Enfolds options, like choosing the right icons which seems to be hard to do in photoshop. and how do i jump from file to file without having to copy-and-paste layers from file-to-file. What if I want to make a change? Do I have to go through every file and change those layers? — am I even making sense?

    I need basic instructions on how to use the enclosed psd files. anyone? Am I alone in this??



    I don’t think that could be possible with Photoshop out of the box, maybe with a plugin like:



    Then what do designers do with the psd files? Alter the design one-by-one?


    Well, that depends on the designer workflow, there isn’t much we can do about it.



    since this is still open- I have another question that I have been looking for the answer to.
    I just imported dummy data (for another site). I am making a blog page and have chosen the BLOG SINGLE AUTHOR BIG.

    I can get rid of the rest of the blog types by trashing them, but what about the parent page named BLOG? Do I keep that and the “—BLOG SINGLE AUTHOR BIG” that is under it?

    Or can I make the BLOG SINGLE AUTHOR BIG the parent?

    nevermind- please delete

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