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    I want to update the theme to the latest version (to support the new wp version), what is the safe & best way to do so ?
    (I made some updates in css and pages design and i want to keep them)



    hey, wich enfoldversion you have now?

    do you use a childtheme?
    if not do that on first , how look here:

    you can do the update on the ftpway, look here:



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    Hey Nimrod!

    As carsten mentioned you can update via FTP by following the video I did on updating with Enfold:

    Any CSS changes, as long as they are contained in the Quick CSS or custom.css should be saved but you should back them up in an external file just in case.

    If you have modified the theme files themselves, you will need to back up those changes locally and then re-apply them after you update all of the theme files.



    I have made several changes in the theme files, so will go over and overwrite individual files (that where updated),
    Do i need to stop all plugins before doing that?
    What will happen with the slides i made, will they stay as they are ?

    Thanks very much for your help.


    The last update (2.3) changed almost all of of the template files bringing the theme up to use a different div structure and an update a bit before that one was a framework update. So you’ll need to upload the whole theme and then re-apply your changes after rather than just updating specific files.

    Otherwise you’ll run into issues where some files are using the new code and others not.


    ok, thanks.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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