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    I have two questions.

    1. Why does the update come only occasionally?
    I have tried to update the theme, got wrong, and then update the disappeared. I could not run the update again.

    2. How to update, if you do not have access via FTP?


    Hey Vikab,

    Have you tried clicking the ‘Update Manually’ link? if you don’t have FTP access you could remove the theme and upload it as .zip via Appareance > Add New.

    Best regards,


    Yes of course I have tried and it doesn’t sense of any updates. Not always.

    I use child theme, it´s not a problem to remove ENFOLD completely then?



    It is not, the child theme will be disabled while you do the update though. One thing you can do is:
    1. Upload the new enfold renamed enfold_renamed.
    2. Once the upload is complete rename the old enfold to enfold_old and change the new one to enfold.

    Best regards,


    Thank you.
    After uppload, how to rename if I dont have access via FTP?



    An alternate way to access the wp-content/themes/ folder is by using the “File manager” tool provided by the hosting company in control panel.

    Best regards,


    This is not a solution.
    Our customers do not have FTP access, or such an opportunity to update.
    When will you resolve the problem so that we can update the theme through WP?



    Please try this plugin to clear WordPress transients if you do not receive auto updates and make sure your API key is correct:

    If it does not help, I am afraid you might need to update the theme manually –

    Unfortunately not all Server environments are able to make use of the auto update feature provided by ThemeForest :/

    Best regards,

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