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    Hi all,

    I’m using :

    – wordpress 3.8.1
    – Enfold theme with the avia layout builder
    – the latest WPML, plug-in

    I made my website in french and now I need to translate it in english. I chose Enfold because it’s WPML-ready and above all for its advanced layout builder.

    LayerSliders are not displayed in the translated pages (see capture screen) :

    Enfold (that contain LayerSider WP) is supposed to be WPML ready but there is no documentation or help that indicates how to translate and display LayerSlider inside translated pages.

    The WPML support team told me that the “WPML String Translation” add-on should probably help me, but they also told me to ask the ENFOLD support team for confirmation.

    Is there anyone who can help me on that or just confirm ?

    Thanks !



    Hi mailclub!

    You can select a different slider for each language – just make sure that all entries are translated independently annd if necessary click the “Translate independently” button:

    I recommend following workflow to translate a LayerSlider slideshow:

    1) Go to LayerSlider WP > Add new and create your slideshow. Afterwards save it.
    2) Go to LayerSlider WP > All Slider and click the “Duplicate” button to duplicate the slider you created (see step 1).
    3) Now edit the duplicated slider and translate the text, etc.
    4) Go to Pages > All Pages and select the page where you want to insert the slider. Afterwards insert the slider and select the slider you created (see step 1).
    5) Then translate the page (you can use the “duplicate” option if necessary but click the “Translate independently” button afterwards) and select the second slider (see step 3) for the translated page.

    Best regards,


    Thanks Peter,

    The problem is that we were unable to translate independently since we chose to translate our page with the WPML editor. In fact this was not a choice. We were forced to use the WPML editor. We needed to set >> “use the translation editor” in the multilingual configuration (mcsetup). If this option was not checked the translation team did not received any notification email…

    We are translating all the content using XLIFF files and the WPML translation management system, this method is not compatible with using the WordPress Editor (to translate independently).

    Finally I found that it was possible to solve the problem by :

    – first translate importing the XLIFF file in the WPML translation management system
    – then go to the page itself
    – go to the WP editor to edit it in english
    – chose the right slider
    – save it again

    For that I think it’s better to set >> “How to translate posts and pages” to “Create translations manually” : (Purchase code hidden if logged out) /6101c6da7ba414061b0fa4561a2e0a9c/deep/0/Translation-Management—Mailclub—WordPress.png

    The translation team won’t receive the notification email, but never mind

    It works and now I know how to easily translate the Layer sliders. I was about to use the string translation module…

    Thanks for your help.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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