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    Please check here

    how to set dimension of feature images uploaded in post and page

    please see below image for what i actually want



    Please check this topic.




    I have checked the thread and the plugin.

    But I fail to see how it can help me set a standard size for all th featured images shown in ur theme

    I did little digging and added the code set_post_thumbnail_size( 150, 150, true ); to functions-enfold.php but seems it deprecated.

    Please help


    Hi kriru,

    Use the plugin to first regenerate all of your thumbnails. None of them seem to have actually be generated:

    When outputting the grid you can choose the size of the image being shown by selecting “Choose the preview image size manually” from the Preview Image size dropdown. Then you can choose an image size you want so that they will be consistent. There are of course the WordPress limitations which can do some odd things with images. So its best to use images that are near in size and bigger on both edges than the place they will be displayed.

    For your current grid the image container is 248px wide so picking an image with at least that width will keep the image from showing pixelated.




    The best i understand is I have to use the plugin to generate images to my desired size. Also I need to ensure the width of the image is no less than 248px

    But my question is … how do I set the newly generated images using the plugin as featured image?

    Do this manually will take loads of effort as I have 120+ posts


    Afaik there’s no plugin which allows you to set the featured image automatically because it doesn’t make sense in most cases.

    WordPress just saves the id of the (full size) image when you set an image as “post thumbnail”. This id will be used to query the url path to the full size image OR to a thumbnail of this image (depends on the theme code).

    If you already uploaded “high resolution” images and set these images as post thumbnails you just need to regenerate the thumbnails with:

    Afterwards wordpress will use the proper thumbnail size of these images for the post thumbnails. If you want to change the thumbnail size open up and search for /wp-content/themes/enfold/includes/loop-index.php

    $current_post['slider']  	= get_the_post_thumbnail($the_id, $size);

    Replace the $size variable with any custom value like

    $current_post['slider']  	= get_the_post_thumbnail($the_id, 'full');


    $current_post['slider']  	= get_the_post_thumbnail($the_id, 'large');

    or any other thumbnail size which is defined in functions.php or which you created with

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