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    I have a Color Section containing a full width image (Media Element -> Image). The asset is 2050px wide. My site is 1200px wide, with 50px side padding so the container is 1100px wide.

    I know Enfold/WP generated a couple of 1500px wide versions of the image file-1500x307.jpg, file-1500x420.jpg

    How can I get the Image Media Element to use the smaller sized image please rather than the original asset? or even an 1100px width version (assuming I don’t need 2x retina etc)

    (This is Enfold 4.4.1)



    Ok it appears I have to find and reselect the image from the Media Library and reselect the size there?

    Clicking on the Image Element in the Avia Editor does not bring up any edit options regarding size and clicking on the image within that does not bring up the current image and applied size settings in the Media Library

    It would be useful to not have to search through the Media Library and also to be able to see the currently selected size and change it.



    Yea this is the way for now, but we appreciate the feedback we will dig a little bit more into this, how we can make it better

    Best regards,

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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