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    I’m just starting to use the Enfold theme. On my home page there is a wide band between the header and the slider, that shows the page name on the left, and “you are here: home” message. I need to remove this band, so that there is no space between the slider and the header.

    Please advise





    Page > Layout > Header Settings > change to the Dont display the header :)

    Layout box is on your right hand side





    Thanks for the tip Q.

    You can also add this on your custom.css or Quick CSS

    .title_container {
    display: none;





    I tried both of those solutions and neither got rid of the white bar. There’s no header, but there is still a white bar between the slider and header that is around 46px high. Is there another way to get rid of this?




    Hi Max,

    Can you point out on a screenshot and on your live site on what white bar you mean? The title container remove from Ismael completely removes it from the page so if there is some additional space its from something else.





    I think i have the same problem, even after i did put

    .title_container {

    display: none;


    in the quick css.

    Pleas have a look at this screenshot:

    I would also like to remove all the green navigation lines from the menu.

    Thanks for your answers.


    You can remove the green line with

    li:hover .avia-menu-fx, .current-menu-item>a>.avia-menu-fx, li:hover .current_page_item>a>.avia-menu-fx {
    display: none !important;

    If you want to remove the grey borders too use

    #header_main {
    border: none !important;


    Hi Dude.

    Thanks that works so far, but there is still a white line between the header and the layerslider.

    Please have a look:

    How can i remove thatone?


    After making the header height bigger, by changing the el_height in the avia.js, the problem is resolved. But now i have another problem in the mobile view.

    But without changing the height, it looks like this:



    Sorry for the delay, the fault is mine.

    This is what I see

    Have you fixed the issue?




    Hi there is just a gab between the header and the wrapper, when you resize the browser on a desktop.

    But i just tested it on some iphone and android devices. There it looks good.

    Sorry to bother you.

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