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    I need to move the search icon to the left of my menu. Currently my menu is:
    HOME – PAGE1 – ETC. – Language selector (WPML) – Search Icon

    What I want to have is:
    HOME – PAGE1 – ETC. – Search Icon – Language selector (WPML)

    How to do this the best way?



    If possible, I would like to have the dotted line that normally separates the social media icons between the Search Icon and Language selector.
    Note: When I set the social media icons on in my header, they don’t show up like this site, but on the left top of the header.


    I am really searching for help here, please help :)


    Hi Jeremy,

    Can you post the link to your website please?

    Regarding the social media icons request, please take a look at Kriesi response in this topic.


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    I dived into header.php to find the search element and to place it before the language selector, but I couldn’t find it. Anyone knows the line?



    You forgot to post a link to your website.


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    I didn’t wait 5 hours for an answer like that, while I did post the link to my website..
    Anyway, I still hope you can help me today, thanks.


    I am waiting for 3 days now, could someone please help me today? I really can’t find it myself at the moment..

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    Oh my.. Why is the username and password I posted now quoted publicly.. Please remove that.

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    You can do it yourself if you want, add this at the very end of this file.

    $("#avia-menu").append($("#avia-menu > .menu-item-language").detach());



    It took some time, but it’s definitely worth waiting for this answer.
    I didn’t think about something like that.

    Thank you very much!
    Topic can be closed, because the solution is there!


    Glad i could help, you are welcome :)

    Thread closed,

Viewing 16 posts - 1 through 16 (of 16 total)

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