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    Hi guys,

    I must say I’m thoroughly impressed with Enfold. I just purchased it and I’d go as far as to say this is the nicest theme I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen a lot of themes! Kudos team!!!

    I can tell you that your theme options panel is very easy to understand, I love the advanced layout editor, and the documentation.html file is nicely setup as well. The only place I’m completely lost is how to edit the Enfold .css files?

    I’ve read the documentation.html from top to bottom. I’ve gone into WP-Admin>Appearance>Editor and read the style.css that says “PLEASE DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE!” In the style.css, it says: “Instead use the custom.css file that is located in your themes /css/ folder to add your styles.”

    I’ve used nearly 30-40 themes in my day and I can’t for the life of me figure out how to edit your .css files, save them, then check my site to see the changes?

    In your documentation.html, this is all that’s mentioned regarding css:

    “The CSS for the theme is split into various files: one that holds the basic markup for layout which are base.css and grid.css. The layout.css holds theme specific css rules. The Shortcode css file holds all rules for the template builder file. Last but not least we got an empty custom.css file which should be used by you to add your own modifications. Since we never touch the custom.css file when making updates you can easily update to later theme versions without beeing in danger of loosing stylesheet modifications.”

    Ok… This all sounds great in theory but I’m sitting here smiling bc that doesn’t make sense to me. :) Let me explain:

    I downloaded and saved the Enfold theme from ThemeForest and saved it in my Finder on my Mac. If I open this folder, I can see all the contents of the theme including the file. If I double click to extract this folder, I can see all of the contents incluting the css folder which contains the base.css, custom.css, dynamic-css.php, grid.css, grid.less, layout.css, and shortcodes.css.

    Here’s where I’m lost… All of these files are now in two places, on my Mac in my Finder, and my server being used on my WordPress site. If I find the code I want to edit in the Finder on my Mac, no matter what I do to the custom.css file in here, this won’t reflect changes on my site. It would be impossible for this to happen and from what I’ve read in your instructions, this is what your instructions imply in my eyes…?

    The first way I learned to work with CSS was in the WP-Admin area under Appearance>Editor. In this location, a lot of theme companies will put their style.css file in the actual editor here. You can copy whatever snippet of code you want, paste it at the bottom, change it, save the changes, then refresh your site to see the results. This is the easiest way I’ve ever gone about working with CSS and every theme I’ve used from ThemeForest goes about this a different way…

    The second way I’ve learned to edit CSS is to check the actual theme folder that’s stored on my computer for the CSS files (live I described above). Usually I’ll find the all.css, or style.css in here, open the file with my browser or text editor so that I can see the CSS, find the snippet of code I’d like to edit, copy it, then paste that snippet into an area in the Theme Options for custom.css (Kind of like your Quick CSS editor under WP-Admin>Enfold>Styling). Once I click “Save all Changes,” I can then check my site and the changes have been made. This is a more difficult way about editing the CSS of a theme but it works just as well.

    With Enfold, I see the Quick CSS editor under WP-Admin>Enfold>Styling, but your documentation.html file and your style.css both say to use the custom.css file that is located in your themes /css/ folder to add your styles. I’m aware that I may be completely missing something here and to you, this seems like nothing to elaborate on bc you know exactly how to do this, but I simply can’t figure out how to edit the css of Enfold and I’ve been doing this for a pretty long time.

    Please help me here. Can you please give me somewhat of a guide from A-Z to accomplish this task? I know a lot of your customers haven’t had an issue with this but I’m sure that some out there are in the same boat as I am.

    Thank you so much for your time and kudos once again for such an amazing theme!!



    Now a short answer to a long post :)

    1) You can use the quick css field if you like. Since Replete the quick css code is saved within a css file and afaik there’re no drawbacks with this option. Older themes just added the quick css code as inline css to the head section which can be problematic (document size, other style sheets can overwrite the code, etc.).

    2) If you don’t want to use the quick css field add the code to enfold/css/custom.css – the only disadvantage is that you can’t modify the file with the wp editor and you need to use ftp to download/upload the file. The advantage is that you can edit the file on your pc/mac with a proper text editor.

    3) Last option would be a child theme where you can add your custom code to the child theme style.css. Imho the child theme makes only sense if you want to change theme php code too.


    Haha!! Sweet Dude, thank you!

    So you’re basically saying:

    -Option #1 works best for basically all scenarios.

    -Option #2 is somewhat time consuming and redundant but is best for editing large amounts of CSS.

    -Given option’s 1 and 2, option #3 is pretty pointless to consider.

    Got it!

    What are your thoughts on adding this explanation to your documentation.html file and the style.css under the area that says “PLEASE DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE!” so that the questions is covered from the very beginning? That way, you guys would only have to take care of it once and then you’re done answering this question from here on out? Either that or make it a FAQ so that everyone’s clear on our aforementioned discussion?

    Again, thank you for your time and description.



    Hi glen,

    Yes the docs need a pretty major overhaul but we tend to get waves of busy with the forums and then a new theme is right around the corner. So far its quicker to answer the questions even if it is the same one over and over again.

    Let us know if you have any other questions or issues, I’ll close this topic for now :)



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