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    Team Kriesi has done a great job building the breadcrumb script, I read about the origins of this way back in 2008.

    There are situations where it would be desirable to be able to designate a parent breadcrumb to a page which may not have any hierarchy. Based on previous posts regarding breadcrumbs I think this could be useful for many Kriesi theme owners.

    I have figured out the process to do this, however I have not found the exact location to set the parent post ID in enfold/framework/php/class-breadcrumb.php

    I’m using advance custom fields to optionally assign a parent breadcrumb post ID – ‘parent_breadcrumb_postid’

    This field can then be used to assign a parent breadcrumb in enfold/framework/php/class-breadcrumb.php

    	$post_id = get_field('parent_breadcrumb_postid');

    Should the above code for retrieving the parent_breadcrumb_postid (if assigned) be placed in the class-breadcrumb.php file before the function starting line 521 function avia_breadcrumbs_get_parents( $post_id = ”, $path = ” )

    Thank you Team Kriesi for providing outstanding support for the best wordpress theme … Enfold


    Hi ttem!

    I think that could be done with JavaScript, you want this in one page only or many of them?



    Hola Josue gracias para ayuda!

    Yes for many. To be able to assign a breadcrumb hierarchy to a page which doesn’t have one clear parent or category. Example:
    would normally have this breadcrumb
    Home > Orphan Page

    and the intent is to have this:
    Home > Assigned ‘Parent’ Page > Orphan Page

    Thank you for your assistance!



    I understand what you want, but unfortunately that is out of the scope of the support we can offer. If you really need it try hiring a freelancer for the job.

    Best regards,


    Ok thanks I will try to figure it out. Based on what I described do you think the method I’m proposing should work? – assigning a parent postid in class-breadcrumb.php ?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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