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    I would be really happy if someone could tell me how I could make these 3 coloms in orange: (the home-page), the 3 coloms what says: digitaln optimization, loyaliteit etc.etc.



    Hello. Those are created by using the Grid Row element. Drop that element into your page and create 3 columns. Add your text and background colors to each column.


    Thanks for your reply AccurlT,

    But I’m wondering how can i make the effect that the color will change when my mouse goes over the colums? and how can I make one of those 3 colums longer than the other two?



    To make one of the columns longer, edit the margin settings for that column, by increasing the left and right margin values.

    As for the hover styling, I’ll let the Enfold crew earn their money there. While I could help you with it, using manual CSS entries, I use a third party CSS tool that makes what you’re trying to do…stupid easy. Happy to share it.


    AccurlT, can you share the link please for the third party tool you´ve mentioned?


    Here you go. The link is an affiliate link. Happy to help you get started with it.


    Can you tell me the link?



    @leonsz let us know if you need help or you purchased CSSHero and you are OK with the styling.

    Thank you


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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