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    We’ve been very happy with your theme so far, and can solve most things ourselves. However, we have now hit an obstacle we cannot get past, and hope you can help us out.

    The question: Is it possible to build the setup found on this site: (just the image, and box on top) ?

    What we want to do is just like that site – so:

    1) Add a full width image on top of the page
    2) Add another element (e.g. a text box, or a newsletter box) – that goes directly on top of the image.

    So far I have only been able to have a full width image, and then the other elements either above or below the image (as it is not possible to add elements “stacked on top of each other”). I found the code seen in private content, from another thread – and that would have been perfect, except when I then go in and edit the site, and add an element (e.g. a text box) – then it goes below the image. I want the full width header/background image to just be there – and then whatever you do in the builder, just goes on top of the image.

    Is this possible to do in Enfold ?

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    Thread can be closed – we used grid rows to make the setup we wanted :-)



    Ok, thanks for letting us know :-)


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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