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    Hi Kriesi,
    I need to make certain buttons look more round. So I tried to do this via Enfold>Advanced Styling>Buttons and it didnt work.
    In fact it changed other buttons I didnt want it to..
    I would like to change the green buttons on my homepage and about page to be more round – see image https://ibb.co/ph1BwKG

    Thank you in advance :)


    Hey tinagianna,

    Please add a custom CSS class (for example round-button) to the buttons in the Advanced tab in the element options, then you can use CSS like this in Quick CSS:

    .round-button a {
      border-radius: 100px;

    Best regards,


    Hi Rikard,

    Thanks for the reply and your help. I tried exactly that and it didnt work :(
    Any other suggestion? Thank you in advance.



    I can’t see the class I suggested that you add to the element on your page, which class did you use? If you didn’t add a class, then please try doing to first of all.

    Best regards,


    Hi Rikard,
    you cant see it because I removed it. I did it again with no success. You can see if you log into site.



    Please edit your Button element and go to Styling > Border and adjust Border Radius as needed – https://imgur.com/a/ejwK2hx

    Best regards,


    Hi Yigit and Rikard,
    My enfold styling tab does not look like the image you provided.
    Also I have tried again and I am still not having any success. Could you please log in and see why it isnt working?

    Log in provided for you.



    Please open the styling tab in the actual element. Edit the button->Styling->Border. If you would like the same styling for more than one button, it would likely be easier if you add a class to the element like I suggested earlier.

    Best regards,

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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