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    I’m trying to have one of the following videos play in a slide in the Layer Slider and also in the background of a Color Section but I can’t seem to figure out the code to make this happen.


    I tried the <video> tag that works on other pages of our site but someone couldn’t get that to work. Maybe there is another solution?

    Any details you can provide for the HTML code I should include (and/or other steps) would be great.

    Thanks very much.


    Hey Jane!

    Try with a code like this:

    <video id=”ls-video">
    <source src=”video.mp4″>
    <source src=”video.webm”>
    <source src=”video.ogv”>



    HI Josue, Thanks for your reply. Here’s the scoop:

    I have the video displayed on: http://got2bmoving.com/sample-page/

    with the following code:

    <video id=”video_background” preload=”auto” autoplay=”true” loop=”loop” muted volume=”0″>
    <source src=”/files/videos/skyTran_UniversalStudios-002.mp4″ type=”video/mp4″/>
    <source src=”/files/videos/skyTran_UniversalStudios_002.webm” type=”video/webm”/>
    <source src=”/files/videos/skyTran_UniversalStudios_002.ogv” type=”video/ogg ogv”; codecs=”theora, vorbis”/>
    Video not supported.

    So I created a Layer #1 for Slide #3 in the LayerSlider on the Home page, selected the “Div/Video” icon and entered the above code in the “Custom HTML content” field.

    Since the video is 70 seconds long, I set the “Slide delay” for Slide #3 to 70000. Would you confirm that this is correct for a video – i.e. to set the “Slide delay” to the length of the video?

    For slide #4, I entered the code that you sent me, with the link to our video:

    <video id=”ls-video”;>
    <source src=”http://www.got2bmoving.com/files/videos/skyTran_UniversalStudios-002.mp4″>
    <source src=”http://www.got2bmoving.com/files/videos/skyTran_UniversalStudios-002.webm”>
    <source src=”http://www.got2bmoving.com/files/videos/skyTran_UniversalStudios-002.ogv”>

    In both cases, I see a black box at the top left in the “Preview” of the slider. In neither case is the video appearing in the Home page slider.

    Maybe it’s the “Slide delay”, maybe I have the Width, Height, Left or Top set incorrectly?

    Any help or guidance you can provide would be great. If you need to login to the backend of our site I can provide a login. (let me know where to send this info)

    Thanks in advance for your help.


    I’m just checking in to see if you have any advice for me. I’d like to know the code to display an .mp4 video in the LayerSlider.



    I tested this locally and it worked;

    <video id='ls-video'>
    <source src='http://www.got2bmoving.com/files/videos/skyTran_UniversalStudios-002.mp4'>
    <source src='http://www.got2bmoving.com/files/videos/skyTran_UniversalStudios-002.webm'>
    <source src='http://www.got2bmoving.com/files/videos/skyTran_UniversalStudios-002.ogv'>

    Make sure you are using the right quotes.

    Best regards,


    If I might be permitted a suggestion, I have wasted much of today simply trying to get an mp4 video as a background to one of my LayerSlider slides. I have searched the support posts and any help documentation I could find and I’ve used just about every code going to insert the video as the first layer. I can click directly on the file on the server and it plays just fine. Depending on the code that I use sometimes I can see the full slide video running, that is until I hit Enter Preview and then it’s gone.

    This is a very important feature of the theme and it would really great if there was some help documentation stating exactly how to add a video background, including maybe why none of the recognized formats work. .

    Appreciate your help, as always.

    Cheers! .



    The code i provided is meant to use a video as a layer, i’m not sure if it possible to use a video as a background in LS.

    Best regards,


    My issue IS with using a video as a layer. I edited the first layer, adding every video code imaginable for the video that is on the server in the library, but NOTHING worked.

    I am happy to provide you with an admin user if that helps.


    Please do so, provide the links to the self-hosted video too.


    Video location:


    Password sent by email. Username is Josue.


    Which email did you set? i didn’t receive anything.

    Best regards,

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    Just got a warning from WordFence that you had signed in. Gotta love it.



    Seems to be an issue with the video, i tried with another mp4 and it did work, please take a look:

    I also downloaded your video and it did reproduce in a player, but not on the browser, so it would be a matter of checking the encoding/conversion.



    I suspected the same thing, but when I opened the server file it played just fine. If you refer back to my original post you’ll see the other issues with having a video layer background. Those are more important than this particular video not working.



    You can use a video as a “background” layer in LS, it will work fine if you only have one slide, but the problem is that the video will stop when the slide changes, the only solution i see is to use a Color Section > Easy Slider, which works:


    Please note that this is a LayerSlider limitation, right now you can only set a (Purchase code hidden if logged out) /00000074.png”>background image for a slider.

    Best regards,

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