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    I have a website with 7 languages. The language settings are all fine and I don’t want to reset them. Unfortunately, the 7 languages don’t all have the same styles (Enfold styles sub). So I was hoping that there would be an easy way to apply the (style) settings of Enfold of one language to all the other languages?

    Thanks in advance.


    Hey Jerremy-W!

    Have you tried putting the code in css/custom.css instead?




    I don’t understand what you mean to be honest.

    So I re-installed WPML and reset everything. I hoped that that would fix it, but the old settings for other languages are still working. Even worse: I edited the English language style, but it doesn’t change completely. I don’t know what to do..
    All the languages should just have all the same style, please help!

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    Oh and help how to make the custom edited theme to a child theme without that much of work would be appreciated as well :)

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    Your solution works partially.
    When I don’t change the theme at all, it is no problem.
    However, when I change some settings in the Theme Styling settings in the admin backend, then the old style settings will come back.
    When I change the css files, the style settings in the theme style settings still remain. So any new save will bring back the old settings.
    I can apply the changes to the css file again, but any changes in the theme style settings won’t apparently don’t have any influence then I guess?

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    Change the settings on the Theme Styling then edit http://**removed**/wp-content/uploads/dynamic_avia/enfold.css. Copy everything, place it on your custom.css which is located in http://**removed**/wp-content/themes/enfold/css/ folder. You need to do this every time you change something on Enfold > Styling settings.


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    Ouch! Alright..
    Please remove the links to the website :) and the topic can be closed.


    Done :)

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