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    I’m having trouble customising The Events Calendar (3.8.1) with Enfold 3.0.2.

    1/ I would like to keep the sidebar in all Events Calendar pages (views month, list, event detail …) but it seems not to be intended by the new Enfold’s style for the plugin.
    May you help me to “restore” the sidebar?
    Please note that I prefer not to delete or comment the following line (in the funtion.php file) :
    require_once( ‘config-events-calendar/config.php’ );

    Indeed, I really like the “look and feel” developed by Enfold for this plugin and I would like to keep most of its settings.

    2/ Is there any way to “save” all Events Calendar personnal changes in my Child Theme?
    I tried to copy/paste the structure and the content of “wp-content\themes\enfold\config-events-calendar\” into my child theme directory. But any change I do in this directory is taken into account.

    Thank you for any help.


    Hey mareva!

    Do you mind creating a temporary admin login and posting it here privately so we can look into it?


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    Please review your website. I have edited default-template.php file inside Enfold/config-events-calendar/views



    Hi Yigit,
    Thank you very much for your help.
    Restoring the sidebar causes some disturbance in the main area display and even in the “search/filter” area of the plugin but I’ll try to deal with… and maybe come back later with more precise questions!

    What about the second question of the topic? It was about the way to “save” all Events Calendar personal changes in my Child Theme?
    Do you think there any possibility to do that?
    Josue advised to duplicate the /config-events-calendar/views/ content and structure to the child theme directory (please refer to – October 14, 2014 at 10:25 pm). Unfortunately, any change in this duplicated directory is taken into account on my environment.

    Best regards,



    Are you putting this in your child theme functions.php?

    	add_action('tribe_events_template', 'avia_events_tempalte_paths', 10, 2);
    	function avia_events_tempalte_paths($file, $template)
    		$redirect = array('default-template.php' , 'single-event.php' , 'pro/map.php' );
    		if(in_array($template, $redirect))
    			$file = AVIA_EVENT_PATH . "views/".$template;
    		return $file;

    Also remember that you’d need to change this line to your child theme path:

    $file = AVIA_EVENT_PATH . "views/".$template;

    Best regards,


    No, I didn’t… it’s done now. And it works!
    Thanks to your advice, I’ve also copied/pasted the following from the config.php file to my child theme functions.php (changing the path to my child theme), in order to “save” customised css.

    	if(!is_admin()){ add_action('wp_enqueue_scripts', 'avia_events_register_assets',15); }
    	function avia_events_register_assets($styleUrl)
    		wp_enqueue_style( 'avia-events-cal', AVIA_BASE_URL.'config-events-calendar/event-mod.css');

    Well. I think everything run now. I’m so happy!
    Huge thanks for your help.

    best regards,

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