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    Hi there,

    I run a content driven blog website with 150,000 unique visitors a month. I have several advertisers and ideally, I would like to just switch on the new Enfold theme, when it is fully customized. How can I do that without making it look like the site is under construction int he process.
    In the past, we always modified the template files and then quickly arranged things like widgets, when we switched in live.

    In this case, I want to old site to keep running, and then just switch to the new enfold theme and look so it looks perfect.

    What is the best way to do that? I am confused because of the backend customizer. How will that be saved? In the database?

    Thanks so much in advance for your help. It is really appreciated?


    Hi gentlemansgazette!

    I recommend to make a backup of your current website database with WP MIGRATE DB
    Just insert the test server url into the option field and export the database. Then import it on your test server and configure Enfold. Afterwards export the database from your test server with WP MIGRATE DB but this time insert the url of your production website/url. At least upload all theme files and media files, etc. to your production server and import the right database. Obviously you should make a backup of your old website first.



    Thank you Peter. Now, the problem I am facing is, that our live site is updated permanently with posts, comments etc…

    If I do it as suggested by you, then all these updates will be lost while I customize the theme. I can try to be quick so the loss is minimal but is there any other option?




    The only other option I can think of would be to do the initial customization with the copy on your test server and then switch over the theme onto the live site when you have a typical low activity period.

    Then just re-do your set up quickly and using your test site as the reference.



    I have to create all the layouts for the different pages, the homepage, gallery, menus. Do you know of anybody who could help with that? OF course, I’d be happy to pay.


    It would be really great if you had an import export function that not only exports all the settings, but also specific layouts that were created…


    That is actually scheduled for the next feature release. I just don’t have the date on that at the moment.

    You could probably find a freelancer to help you with that at either Microlancer or Codeable.io.


    Do you mean scheduled 2.5 or 3.0 ? IF it is 2.5, it should not take too long hopefully.


    I’m not sure if the next release will be 2.4.3 or the full 2.5. There are still some big things Kriesi is working on for this next release and I’m not sure if it will be days, weeks or a month+ right now.

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