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    How can I create a Registration page to the site? or to add a quick registration form to the main menu?

    Thank you,



    That could be done easily with a plugin like this.




    Oh, I see.

    Would you please recommend a couple of good plugins like the one you just recommended so I could check and compare a bit?

    And, most importantly, will this plugin work with the theme flawlessly?

    Thanks again!


    Hi yukanl,

    That is really outside of what we can do via support. WordPress user registration is part of WordPress core and how you as a user manage registration, users etc is up to you.

    Your best route is to try out the plugin Josue linked to and if you don’t find it meets your needs search the Plugin Directory and try to find something that does.

    The only plugins we can guarantee integration for are those listed on the Theme’s page on ThemeForest.





    The ones listed on the Theme’s page would work for me. Could you point me to where they are listed? I checked out the theme’s main page but it’s not listed there.




    I was referencing the ThemeForest listing page:

    There is built in support for Gravity Forms, WooCommerce, bbPress and WPML.

    Best regards,


    got it. thanks.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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