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    Can you describe how to recreate the portfolio 4 column that you have in the demo? The elements that I like about it is having several portfolios represented by single images with a title below the image in a text bar with that arrow centered above it pointing to the image.



    Create a page. Go to Advance Layout Editor, under Content Element, insert the Portfolio Grid element. Configure the options like 4 columns, number of posts and select the category you want. You can now create portfolio items then set a featured image for each entry.

    To learn more about the theme, please watch this video:




    Thanks for the link to the videos. I had looked over a video there before, but never the long version of the Advanced Layout Editor – very good overview.

    Your suggestion works except it doesn’t give me the option to select a category. The wording is there at the top right, but no drop down on the left as you’d expect (I do have three categories set up). Here’s a screenshot of what I’m seeing:


    Hi imagestudios,

    Do you already have categories created for your portfolio items? It should display them there if so.




    Yes, I mentioned that in my comment to you. I actually have three categories set up. I am using them to pull the blogs into a page in fact. But, in this case as you can see from the screenshot, they are not showing up.


    OK, I see what’s going on. I don’t have categories set up for portfolio items. I was trying to set them up as post pages and pulling from there. I now see the Portfolio Items area and that works.


    And thanks for your help guys!



    Glad you figured it out. :)



Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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