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    Hi, just wonder if it is possible that I copy the source code of the page that is completed with the Advanced Layout Editor? As I want to copy the source code to a new site that would replace the old test site.

    When I switch to the default editor, there is nothing on the page content area, and I don’t where the soce code is. I don’t mean use the template to setup new page, I just need the source code.

    Would appreciate it if you can help me figure out, thanks!


    Hi hsie,

    There isn’t a way as far as I know to view it directly. If you wanted to transfer the content from one site to another, you would need to export using wordpress’ export tool or copy over the database.




    Hi Devin, I have a similar question. How can I go in and add additional code to a page that was built with the layout editor? For example, I need to be able to add a hover overlay to an image in my article. The hover class would need to be added to the image. If this can’t be done, it would be a big shortcoming to not be able to edit the code and limits possibilities. Thanks.


    It was specifically done that way to prevent database corruption. The data for the advanced editor is saved differently and needs to only be edited within the editor itself.

    Otherwise there is a risk of introducing a bug that can cause major issues with all of the data.

    So, no, right now there is no way to edit things individually.


    oh we just wanted to post this question. i think its the same, we need the code as we often use “Text” editor to copy paste HTML and edit part of the code in stead of building the page from scratch. We already purchased 2 enfold licenses and we’re hoping to make this “the” theme and purchase more licenses as we go along, but it would take lots of work if we need to build each page from scratch and xml file exports/imports entire website not just a single page. so is there a chance for this to be added? should we post on feature request page?





    @Jasmine: My suggestion is to build a Source Website and install the Enfold theme. Configure and edit the site. Every time you want to create a new website, just copy the files including the database from the Source Website to the new website. You can visit this link for reference. I haven’t tried this but I think it’ll work.




    Thats a great idea Ismael, thx so much

    I will try to play with this. I was also thinking about what Devin wrote regarding preventing Database corruption, so I just thought of something:

    ~ what about if somehow we can have an option to “save” a page (like a base) and then once we want to create a new page we can have an option of: use “saved” page. This way we don’t mess up the code but still have an option to use the same base. Then we can re-arrange and play around like if we have “copied/pasted” The HTML code.

    Of course this option would only work within the same website but it would still help a lot by saving tremendous time, especially for bigger sites. Not sure if something like this would be possible to implement and if yes i can post it on the request page.




    Hi Jasmine,

    You can already save template files within the advanced layout editor though you aren’t able to later go in and change a template once made(working on a solution for that).

    You just click the template button when you have the layout created and then save it. Then you can load it in anytime you are using the advanced layout editor.




    wow this is great Devin, so easy :)

    thx so much really appreciate the support


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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