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    I am trying to use an HTML logo and I want the color to change from white to black when the menu toggles between it’s normal transparent and then scrolled state.

    I have update the functions.php with the following so that the HTML logo works:

    function avf_text_logo_func($logo, $use_image, $headline_type, $sub, $alt, $link){
    $logo = “<$headline_type class=’logo bg-logo text-logo’><h1>Evan Leepson</h1></$headline_type>”;
    return $logo;


    Hey connect4consulting!

    Please insert the below css into your custom css section:

    .av_minimal_header #header_main .header_color h1 {
    	color: #000000 !important;



    Hi Dake,
    That still doesn’t do it. I’m trying to change the color of the text logo I created so when I scroll down and the background becomes white the font of the logo changes to black.

    Thanks for your help.



    Please add following code to Quick CSS instead * {
        color: black;
    .av_header_transparency * {
        color: white;


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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