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    Hey guys,

    sorry, but I didn’t find any information how to change the normal blog display into a masonry blog display. At the moment my blog is displayed in the usual way:

    Would be nice to get some help.


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    Hi coverport!

    Here is the intro video for using the new masonry elements:

    You will need to not have a blog page chosen from the theme options and instead just output the blog using the masonry blog element on the page you want to be your main blog page.



    Hi, I’m sorry. I’m only new to this and I LOVE the theme.

    I’m having the same trouble too. Can you please explain “You will need to not have a blog page chosen from the theme options” I have a blog page set up and I added the masonry blog and went through the settings, but my posts still show in the normal format.

    Thanks so much,



    You should not choose blog page in Enfold theme options
    Instead, you should create a page and add Fullwidth Masonry Element under Content elements in Avia Layout Builder and that is it

    Best regards,


    Once I create the Fullwidth Masonry Element, then do I add the Blog Posts element from the Contents Element Page? My posts are tagged with blog and I have selected the Blog Catergory in the blog posts to display section. But this is still not showing as the masonry layout?




    Make sure to watch the video I referenced above for a quick visual and walkthrough:

    You are not going to be adding a blog element, you are adding the Fullwidth Masonry element and then selecting the posts to display.

    Best regards,


    Hi Devin,

    thanks for the link to the video. Seems to be pretty simple. But unfortunately in my avia layout builder there is no masonry element displayed. If possible I would send you a screen shot …

    I am using Enfold 2.0.1 with WP 3.7. Is the Masonry Blog a new feature of a newer version of Enfold?


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    At the start of the video I mention that the Masonry element was introduced with this newest version :)

    You’ll need to update your theme version to get the new features whenever they are released.


    Hi Devin,

    hm, after filling my theme forest user name and API key in the Enfold Theme options / theme update area there are no theme updates displayed: “No Updates available. You are running the latest version! Great!”

    But in my version there is no masonry blog element in the avia layout builder…




    You should wait for another 12 hours or you can download the theme directly on themeforest.



    Hey Ismael,

    thanx, the update is shown yet. Now I have to figure out how to back up my Enfold Style customizations and how to get them into the updated theme…



    All theme options are saved into your database to the theme name. So when you replace the theme files with the new updated version you don’t actually lose any settings.

    The theme files just get replaced. See:

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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