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    Hi there,
    How can I avoid in-line styling in Enfold? Is the dynamic styling responsible of this problem? There is any way of disabling it?

    Best regards
    David Miklus


    Hey David,

    It’s difficult to know what you are referring to if you don’t give an actual example? Could you point out the problem?

    Best regards,



    I love using the Enfold page layout editor – for all the obvious reasons, but lately I’ve noticed that some of the layout boxes and content elements come preloaded with lots of variables that result in inline css being used for those elements.

    I am wondering if there is a way to remove those variables from the shortcode call, or is their documentation that identifies the required items for a given shortcode that I can review?

    for example: the whitespace / separator shortcode comes with variables like position, width, margin-top, custom color, etc – and most of this stuff doesn’t apply when simply using the element to create a whitespace.

    In general, I am looking to start stripping out all inline styles on my projects and I would like to know the best approach for doing that with Enfold and its page builder.



    Hi dmiklus,

    Unfortunately, it would require quite some time and customization of the theme to achieve this, so I am sorry to tell you that this is not covered by our support. However, if it’s really important for you to get this done, you can always hire a freelancer to do the job for you :)

    Best regards,


    Hi Victoria,

    Thank you for the answer! I will figure it out by myself. Unfortunately right now the theme is not 100% SEO friendly.

    Best regards


    Hi David,

    Thanks for the update. Please let us know if you should need any further help on the topic, removing all inline CSS would likely not be possible though.

    Best regards,

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