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    I tried but can’t access to a section linked in the megamenu (marked with #ID) while I’m browsing another page. No problem when I indeed stays in the same page for reaching the section linked in megamenu.

    I want to give the visitor the chance to access to any section/page that I put in the megamenu from any section/page in which visitor currently stays. But I also want to order some content below others different contents (I don’t mind if using pages or sections). The scrolling effect of parallax is very nice but not essential for me.

    Is there any way for browsing a section (marked with #ID) clicking its link in the megamenu if this mentioned section belongs to a page different than the current page? Maybe in a future update?

    If not (because of the parallax effect only works with the megamenu in the current page -not from a page to another-), Is there any way for showing a subpage below other subpage like sections into a parent page?




    Each menu item has an id – you can use this id to hide each item. To find out the id just investigate your website with the developer tools or firebug – I made a short video to demonstrate the workflow:

    Now you can hide all your “section” links with following css code (insert it into the quick css field):

    #menu-item-721, #menu-item-709, #menu-item-790, #menu-item-781{
    display: none;

    Instead of 721, 709, etc. insert your custom ids (ids of the section links).

    Then use following code to show the items on a certain page:

    .page-id-75 #menu-item-721, .page-id-75 #menu-item-709, .page-id-75 #menu-item-790, .page-id-75 #menu-item-781{
    display: block;

    Again, replace the 721, 709, etc ids with the section link ids and replace 75 with the id of the page which contains these sections.



    Thanks for the reply.

    Sorry, I haven’t explained well my request. In the “main_menu” I have an only menu-item: “Explore”. This menu-item contains the megamenu. In this megamenu I want to put links that send to sections that belongs to two pages: “Home” and “Explore”:


    -link for a section called “reasons” that belongs to “Home” page

    -link for a section called “steps” that belongs to “Home” page.

    column2, 3 and 4

    -links for the sections that belongs to “Explore” page.

    My intention is every link in the megamenu to every sections mentioned above are visible and clickable, operational in every page, no matter where they belongs. In other words, while I’m browsing “Explore”, I want to click “reasons” in the megamenu and change from “explore” page to “home” page, where the “reasons” section belongs.

    Is it possible?



    Hi victoriaeducacion,

    No, I don’t believe so but just in case I’m not fully understanding what you are trying to accomplish could you provide an example you’ve seen on another site or maybe a mockup and link us to the image?

    From what it sounds like, you want the main menu to dynamically change based on the current page which is definitely not possible other than the method Dude described above.





    Sorry for the misunderstanding. My english isn’t very good. :)

    This is the hierarchy of the website.

    Page: Home (doesn’t appear in main menu, only by clicking in the logo in fixed nav bar or typing the url)

    -Section1: reasons

    -Section2: steps

    Page: Explore

    -Section1: ideas

    -Section2: contributions



    I want the same megamenu in both pages (Home and Explore).

    Until now, if I’m browsing “Explore” and I hover the megamenu and click in “steps” link in the megamenu hoping to reach the section2 of Home page, it can’t reach the “steps” section in “Home” page because my WP write “#steps” at the end of the path for “Explore” page and nothing happens.

    In other words, I can’t reach the sections of different pages and this is what I want: reach sections of a different page that i’m browsing. Currently, I’m using sections but I don’t mind about dividing the content in sections or pages. With pages the megamenu works perfect, of course, and I’m asking myself if there is any way for showing different pages one below other in a continuum mode, similar to sections. If this is an option, I don’t care for using pages.

    Something like that:

    Parent page: Home (doesn’t appear in main menu, only by clicking in the logo in fixed nav bar)

    -subpage1: reasons (content of subpages shown one after the other)

    -subpage2: steps (the end of the contents for that block)

    Parent page: Explore

    -subpage1: ideas (content of subpages one after the other)

    -subpage2: contributions (content of subpages one after the other)

    -subpage6:team (content of subpages one after the other)

    -subpage7:plans (the end of the contents for that block)

    Thanks for helping.



    You should be able to enter all of those URLs manually by adding custom menu items. Just add the section anchor after the page url to make the link point to that section.




    Good! It works almost perfectly.

    Only a detail. I’m using the fixed and shrinking header. When I click in the link of the megamenu, it sends me to the expected section but the beginning of the section is beyond and beneath the fixed header and I can’t read the tittle. It happens only when I’m going from one page section to another page section (Home > Explore or Explore > Home). With sections in the same page, enfold scrolls smoothly to the beginning of the expected section without problems.

    What would be ideal for me is to take down the beginning of the section the same space occupied by the fixed header.

    Thanks again

    And regards!


    Can we see an example? I’m not really clear on what exactly is happening based on the description so I’m not sure if this is the correct behavior or if there is something we can do to change it.


    Of course.

    The sections linked in megamenu are sections only for the tittle, composed by a question and a phrase with a background image.

    First, the case that works good, if I point to a section of the same page.

    Then, the case that doesn’t work as expected, if I point to a section of a different page.

    I hope we can do something in order to solve it.




    I tried to view the source to see the code but sadly it was just an image. Please provide a url to the live site since there are so many ways to customize the theme there are always multiple paths to reach the same result with each requiring its own solution. There are 5 headers for example so its difficult to answer about the mega menu. Also you customized a lot yourself. If you are using a maintenance plugin, please create a password we can use to see the theme and you can always use to hide the url.



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