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    For my homepage I use 2 rows of cells ‘connected’ by a red arrow. Love this result of quite some effort, but checking responsiveness, the 3 horozontal cells (with button etc) are followed by 3 red arrows and the 3 text cells.

    As probably not necessery to explain, I want left/middle/right sections to be vertically connected in mobile view, so that the order remains as in non-mobile view. I tried to get a grid row in the section, but that is not possible (as far as I can tell). I did a lot of trial and error but in no way I can find a workaround.

    Is this possible at all? I could put it all in one cell, but that is not what I want; the seperate cells connected by the arrow is exactly how I like it to be.

    So suggestions are very welcome!


    Hey draadeind,

    Please add a grid row with three 1/3 grid cells and the current 1/3 columns (screenshot attached) inside the grid cells.

    Please feel free to contact us if you have further questions.

    Best regards,


    Thanks, Vinay, unfortunately that limits other styling options. For instance it is not possible to use a color section. Anyways, I tried it and it didn’t do the trick for me.

    Kind regards, Jan



    Why did you separate the text or the title from the arrows? You can include both on a single grid row element. Just move the text block above the arrow or the image element. If they were separated to create some space, try to insert a separator/whitespace element between the title and the arrow.

    Best regards,

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