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    When i post a article. I want to add a directory, because of that the content is so long. How to solve it?


    Hey jack000486,

    Can you please explain us what you mean by ” adding a directory “.
    What do you want to use exactly, not sure we understand what you want to do.

    Best regards,


    Like the wikipedia.
    On the top of the article.
    Contents [hide]
    1 Instruments
    1.1 Exposure
    2 Personal weather station
    3 Home weather station
    4 Dedicated ships
    5 Dedicated buoys
    6 Synoptic weather station
    7 Networks
    7.1 Global
    7.2 United States
    7.3 Southern Hemisphere
    8 See also
    9 References
    10 External links

    And tell me how to nav the directory.
    Thanks a lot



    You can create a list for that, for instance:

    <li>List item</li>

    Or maybe you could try a widget with a custom menu?

    Best regards,


    How to achieve this effect?

    • List item

    Build up a new “text block”? and add the html code in it?

    I have another question. How to locate the directory yet? For example. When you click the list item in the directory. The screen will automatically track to the current directory.

    Thanks a lot.



    Yes, a text block would be a good idea for adding html like that. If you want to add anchors then you need to add ID’s to your content. Like so:

    <a href="#anchor">Link to anchor</a>
    <div id="anchor">Content</div>

    Best regards,

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