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    I would like to use some of the icons that are in the Entypo font, but not included in the Theme. (For ex: 🔿 = paper airplane)

    The missing icons are included in entypo-fontello-charmap-unmod.php, but commented out. I tried (1.) renaming “…charmap-unmod.php” to “…charmap.php” and un-commenting the missing icons; AND (2.) replacing the 4 entypo-fontello font files (.eot, .svg, .ttf, .woff) with 4 fresh files, downloaded from (which are version 2, and should have the full character set). I re-named these font files from “entypo.woff” to “entypo-fontello.woff (etc.) to match the theme’s code.

    This did not work. The missing icons did not show an icon in the shortcode & layout editors, though they did show a little box with tiny letters in it, just not the proper icon. When I tried selecting that, I only got the little box – not the proper icon. (All the original icons still showed up fine — but the missing ones just added little boxes.)

    I tried just using plain HTML like this:

    But the HTML didn’t work either

    — Firefox did not show the proper icon, only the missing-icon box with tiny letters

    — Chrome showed the proper icons, but ALL the entypo icons became very tiny — even the search-form icon.

    Is there a simple way of un-commenting all the missing icons from entypo-fontello-charmap-unmod.php, and getting access to the full character set of Entypo?

    I am using a Child Theme, so I’d prefer to make changes via the Child Theme’s css, function.php, or template files like header.php, if possible.



    Afaik this is not easily possible because these icons are probably missing in the font file but I’ll mark this thread for Kriesi.





    currently unfortunately not possible. If the icons would work cross browser I wouldnt have removed them in the first place from the charmap, but for a reason I don’t know some of the icons simply wont display properly.

    I am planning to rewrite the icon-system so its easier to add your own iconfont but this is a major undertaking and I cant provide and ETA yet…


    Thank you for letting me know so I can stop looking for a solution that doesn’t exist.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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