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    how can I add this checkbox for newsletter subscription (“Want to subscribe to our newsletter as well?”) to ENFOLD’s contact form element, like shown in your demo here:

    If using the AdvancedLayoutArchitect and the “contact form” element, there is nothing how to add this.
    Could you please help me out?
    Thank you!



    Thank you for using our theme.

    If you add a new form element, click on it there opens a modal window with a select box “Form Element Type”. There you can select the Form Element: check box

    Best regards,


    Ah okay, I see, thank you … but there is no connection possible to Mailchimp?



    Are there any updates on the topic? I tried searching the forum, but no success.
    I also want to include MailChimp “sign-up” checkbox in the standard ALB contact form.

    The answers of moderators above do not offer a solution.




    I solved this for me with the plugin

    You can add in ALB text box just a shortcode for a desired Mailchimp form, that you have created in the settings of the plugin. The plugin connects to your Mailchimp account, and also gives you statistics into your WP dashboard. See the screenshorts here:

    All you have to do in ALB is adding a shortcode like this:

    [yikes-mailchimp form=”2″]

    For an integration in ContactForm7 for example, or for showing a checkbox below a post, it works with this plugin, too:

    Below a post it looks now like this:


    Hi @Chris,

    Thanks for sharing, much appreciated :-)

    Could you try that suggestion out @youdenko?

    Best regards,


    Hi together,

    Long time since a last answer, but the question is also interresting for me.

    MC4WP has a possibility to add a checkbox to any kind of contact forms here but it won’t take the relevant data out.

    I am just in contact with the support of mc4wp and they meant the problem of not taking the data are the field names ‘Enfold’ is using in their contact form. E.g. ‘avia_1_1’ etc.

    They sent me a possible solution to add to funtions.php of my child theme. But it is still not working. Here the code:

     * This will send additional Custom-Form fields to MailChimp.
     * To add more fields, change the $field_map variable and use the following format:
     *      Custom-Form field => MailChimp field.
     * Example:
     *      "avia_1_1" => "LNAME"
     * This means that the Custom-Form "avia_1_1" field will be sent to the "LNAME" field in MailChimp.
     * @return array
    add_filter( 'mc4wp_integration_custom_data', function( $data ) {
        // map of Custom-Form field names => MailChimp field names
    	$field_map = array(
    		'avia_1_1' => 'LNAME',
    		'avia_2_1' => 'FNAME',
    		'avia_3_1' => 'EMAIL'
    	foreach( $field_map as $my_field => $mailchimp_field ) {
    		if( ! empty( $_POST[ $my_field ] ) ) {
    			$data[ $mailchimp_field ] = sanitize_text_field( $_POST[ $my_field ] );
    	return $data;
    } );

    Any ideas?




    I did a quick test and seems that it was sending over the data.
    Are you sure you are connected to mailchimp API properly?

    Best regards,


    Has anyone found a solution to this. I would really appreciate a hint.


    I found the Solution. The element name changed / or is: element_avia_1_1 and element_avia_2_1

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    Hi Martin,

    Great, glad you found the problem and thanks for letting us know :-)

    Best regards,

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