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    Hey guys,

    I want to add caption text in the Advanced LayerSlider just like in the demo, but I can’t figure out how this is done. I did it with the Easy Fullwidth Slider and it was pretty easy. But I decided to add some nice animated effect just like the demo so I switched to the Advanced LayerSlider.

    I checked carefully the demo page but I am confused about how the layers containing captions texts are set up. When I click on it, I don’t see the text anywhere in the Layer/Basic tab ? What does mean Paragraph/Span ?



    I would appreciate some help please



    You should probably Import the Dummy Data then check the default LayerSlider that comes with the theme. They usually use text images.




    It’s working now. Finally, I figured out how to make it.

    But unfortunately, it’s not Wysiwyg. When I align the caption text in the Advanced Layerslider drag and drop editor, it doesn’t show exactly the same way in Chrome. Then when I modify it accordingly by modifying the alignment in the drag and drop editor, it doesn’t show good in Internet Explorer (10). Haven’t tried other browsers yet.

    And I went for boxed layouts to try to get rid of theses issues but still discrepencies between the browsers.

    Is there any tip to make it perfectly aligned for all browsers ?



    Please give us a link to your website. We would like to inspect your slider. We can’t help you since you’re problem is css related unless we can inspect the actual slider.

    You should probably constrain the slider, go to the Slider > Global Options > Basic > Layers Container. Specify the actual width in pixels, this will give you an exact container width to play with the elements’ position.




    Thanks for your concern.

    Delete “test” in the url

    Here is it : lionteststrategy . com

    The issue is on the first slider, where the text is not aligned to the right and looks differently in Chrome, IE and not good at all on smartphone (Chrome Android). This morning, I specified the width in pixel for the first slide (888px) as you told me, but still a lot of differences.



    Checked your website on IE9, and it looks the same with Chrome. I will have to assume that it will look better on IE 10.

    On LayerWP Slider > Slides > Global Options > Basic > Slider width, please make it 100%.



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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