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    I used a website audit to check our website. One of the problems that came up is the missing of alt text on the slider images of each page.
    If I select a image for the Easy Slider (full width) there’s nowhere a box for alt text,
    How can I add a ALT text to this images?
    Best regards,


    Hey Henk,

    There are not alt tags for background images, it’s not possible to add.

    Best regards,


    hey Rikard on full-width easy slider the images are not placed as background – they are img’s
    When Henk opens the Media Library he can fill out all alt info there and insert them later – you will have the attachment alt as alt for the img.

    Edit : you can do that even after you have created the sliders.
    Only on fullscreen Slider they are background-images of the li

    @rikard – By the way, I confuse the English names often only because the full-width slider was named slideshow_fullsize.php as alb Element, which sounds more like full screen to me. I don’t know why you didn’t name the ALB element slideshow_fullwidth.php –
    so i have to look which of them has the background-images too.



    Thanks for correcting me @guenni007.

    Best regards,


    Hello Guenni007,
    Thank you very much. This is very helpfull.

    Best regards,


    Hi Henk,

    Glad you got it working with Guenni007’s help :)

    If you need further assistance please let us know.
    Best regards,



    Using the Full Width Easy Slider and it is set to 1500×630, using high resolution images – only two of the images (orange for reference) are responding to this size. I’ve tried multiple images with the same size and can’t seem to get it to respond. So, many of the images are way to large and I need them all the same – 1500×630 like the first two.

    I’ve included the link.

    Thank you for any help. Hopefully it’s an easy fix!



    Hello Debra,
    I use 1500×430 and that works fine. I don’t if that’s an option for you. You can see it on https://www.aabeve.nl



    Thanks so much, Hank,

    What I’m saying is that each image in the slider is a different size. Regardless if it is set to 1500×400 or 1500×603. Two images conform to the size and the others are nearly half page in size.

    Check it out.


    Hello Debra,
    Are the feature settings in the slider for all the images the same (1500×630)?
    Another option is to scale the images to 1500×630 in external image software (i use Paint Shop Pro) before uploading them and set the feature setting to “no scaling”.




    Yes, it is a standard setting for all images. I will see what the moderator’ response is before I go to the trouble of editing all of the images. It will be time consuming and I need some of the images for the rpurposes at their original image size.

    Thanks much, Hank.


    Hi dlambers,

    You can limit the height of the images by css, but the images will be cut at the bottom. If you want the images to be the same size, the original images have to be the same size.

    Best regards,

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