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    Hi there,

    how can I add a new icon to the sub-top-navigation (social icons) with a phone symbol and a link to a phone number?

    <a href="tel:+49xxx">...icon/button...</a>

    Thx & regards


    Hi bivvo!

    Please add this code to Phone Number section in Enfold theme options and adjust as desired



    Thx for your support. That looks great.

    Is it possible to add the telephone symbol on the left side – besides the social buttons?




    Can you post a screenshot and link to your website?

    Best regards,



    I want to add a telephone symbol + link next to the email icon in the social bar:

    Thx & regards



    Right click is disabled on your website, i wanted to inspect elements to give you correct custom CSS to re-position phone symbol. Do you mind enabling it?



    deactivated. thx



    Follow Dude’s Instruction:

    1) Please edit /wp-content/themes/enfold/includes/admin/register-admin-options.php and search for

    								"subtype" => array(
    									'500px' 	=> 'five_100_px',
    									'Behance' 	=> 'behance',
    									'Dribbble' 	=> 'dribbble',
    									'Facebook' 	=> 'facebook',
    									'Flickr' 	=> 'flickr',
    									'Google Plus' => 'gplus',
    									'Instagram'  => 'instagram',
    									'LinkedIn' 	=> 'linkedin',
    									'Pinterest' 	=> 'pinterest',
    									'Skype' 	=> 'skype',
    									'Soundcloud'=> 'soundcloud',
    									'Tumblr' 	=> 'tumblr',
    									'Twitter' 	=> 'twitter',
    									'Vimeo' 	=> 'vimeo',
    									'Xing' 		=> 'xing',
    									'Youtube'   => 'youtube',
    									'Special: RSS (add RSS URL, leave blank if you want to use default WordPress RSS feed)' => 'rss',
    									'Special: Email Icon (add URL to a contact form)' => 'mail',

    You can add your social media icon to the array. The first value represents the caption in the dropdown, the second value will be used to show embed the icon (icon/character code). We’ll include a filter in the next update which helps you to add a social icon without modifying the theme files.

    Then add following code to functions.php

    add_filter('avf_default_icons','avia_add_custom_icon', 10, 1);
    function avia_add_custom_icon($icons)
    $icons['behance']	 = array( 'font' =>'entypo-fontello', 'icon' => 'ue915');
    return $icons;

    and instead of “behance” insert the option value of your social icon (replace it with the same value you used for the “icon/character code” in step 1). You also need to replace ue915 with the character code of your icon – if you don’t know it you can use to look up the default values (click on the social icon and select “Customize Codes”).



    thx a lot

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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